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Audio experience

Each project in this annual report has its own unique soundscape, created by our acoustics team. Here are brief descriptions explaining how each soundscape has been created. In addition, our Chair’s statement has been recorded by Arup Chair, Alan Belfield.

Mycelium Floating Wetlands
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A sonic representation of the manufacturing process at microscopic scale: slow growth of a mycelium network in darkness, gradual densification, and then exposure to light for “baking”.

Scottish Hydrogen Assessment
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Acoustic interpretation of the green hydrogen production process, involving electricity generated by offshore wind, hydrogen creation and storage.

Green Mobility Study
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Sounds from Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, modulated by the volumes of traffic measured as part of our work to redesign the cities’ transport networks.

Van Brienenoord Bridge
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Mapping the natural frequencies of the double bridge, represented by two timbres, one for each side: one undergoing renovation and the other replacement, with traffic ‘crossfading’ to reflect the construction plan.

Little Island
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The listener experiences the visitor journey, from the West Side Highway and with the structural shape of this park on the Hudson River interpreted as notes of an instrument on the journey west.

Chair’s statement

Our Chair, Alan Belfield, has narrated his statement, summarising key points from a challenging but inspiring year (financial year April 2020 to March 2021).

Thank you for the sound

Our acoustics team brings technical rigour and imagination to a diverse range of work for our clients. Arup acousticians who have created the audio experience for this annual report include: Raj Patel (sound design concepts and production), Gideon D’Arcangelo and Delphis Migliori (production), Léonard Roussel, Marcus Webb, Ryan Cox and Terence Caulkins (sound design, composition, recording, mixing, editing and mastering).